1990 Unsolved UFO sighting in Alfena

The Alfena case is one of the most intriguing and well documented UFO sightings in the nineties. Still the event

1979 the Close Encounter of Robert Taylor

Know as The Livingston Incident or the Robert Taylor Incident is the story of one of the few close encounters

The impossible reign lengths of the Sumerian King List

The King List is a detailed account of kingships stretching into the prehistory of the Sumerian people. Beside telling us

Was the Miracle of the Sun an UFO sighting?

99 years ago something happened to three shepherd children in the town of Fátima, Portugal. What became know has the

8 Cave Paintings depicting Aliens

All over the world there are unexplained cave paintings that archeologists struggle to explain. Here are 8 cave paintings depicting

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