Nine new unopened Dead Sea Scrolls found

Nine newfound penny-sized pieces of parchment belonging to the Dead Sea Scrolls laid unopened for nearly six decades before they were rediscovered in Israel.

The scrolls went unnoticed for years until one scholar came across them while searching through the Israel Antiquities Authority’s (IAA) storerooms, the Times of Israel reported.

Contained within three phylacteries, the scrolls were rediscovered after scholar Yonatan Adler had them CT scanned to see what was inside.

Experts will now be faced with the difficult task of carefully unrolling the scrolls to find out what’s written on them.

“We’re going to do it slowly, but we’ll first consult with all of our experts about how to go about this,” said artifact conservationist Pnina Shor. “We need to do a lot of research before we start doing this.”

An unrolled phylactery scroll.

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