UFO Battle Over Nuremberg

A preserved book, now residing in France, that was written in 1493 contains one of the earliest illustrations of a UFO in Europe. Next to the picture (showing a cigar shaped form ringed in flames floating in a blue sky over rolling green hills) is a detailed account of the strange fiery spherical shape that was reported in 1034.

Toward the end of the 12th century in England, there is yet another UFO sighting in north Yorkshire near Begland (Byland) Abbey. While the monks were having their daily evening reflection period, a shiny, flat object that glistened silver in color and closely resembled a very large discus flew across the night sky just over the top of the abbey.


Throughout the 14th and 15th century, countless UFO reports abound all over England. In 1322 CE, the sky over Uxbridge held a “pillar of fire” that was the size of a small boat. It rose from the southern sky then slowly crossed the sky before going north with beams of red flames and light bursting in front of it. 1461 CE saw another report across the Channel this time. The account was of a fiery iron rod shape in the night sky that was almost half the size of the moon. The shape which resembled a ship with fire flowing from it was in the skies over Arras, France for roughly twenty minutes.

Hans Glaser woodcut from 1566 of the 1561 event over Nuremberg. (Wickiana Collection, Zurich Central Library)

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