UFO Report From Japan

February 22 in the spring of 1803, near the village of Harashagahama, something strange was washed up onto the shore. the strange craft measuring 3m tall and 5m wide was made from red sandalwood and metal. It also had openings made of glass or crystal.
This object became known as Utsuro Bune (“Hollow ship”).

Nagahashi Matajirou - about the legend

Inside the craft, the people saw strange writing in a language and style unknown to any of them. But it was something else that stunned them.
In the craft sat a delicate young lady. She had a pale face with red eyebrows and hair. The people estimated her age to be around 18 – 20 years old.
When she spoke, she spoke in a unfamiliar language and in her arms she held a timber box about 60cm in length. To the people, it appeared as though the box was very special to the young woman and she did not allow people to touch it.

Around this time a number of drawings were made depicting the craft and the woman. These are described in the UFO community as some of the earliest known drawings of UFO’s.

One of the first official investigations of a UFO report comes from Japan as well. During an encampment of General Yoritsume and his army in 1235, mysterious lights in the night sky were observed for many hours to be circling and moving in loops to the southwest of the campsite. The General ordered a full scale scientific inquiry. Finally, an end report was submitted to him that contained many of the modern explanations of spacecrafts including the whole thing being a natural phenomenon whereby the wind made “the stars sway.”

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