Ganymede May Have Primitive Life


A new study may shed light about the biggest moon in the solar system, Ganymede’s. This Jupiter’s moon, has  many compressed layers of ice and oceans and now scientists suspect it may hold life!

The study led by Steve Vance ( from the Nasa Laboratory Jet Propulsion ), states that Ganymede is a true candidate for life.
“If there is hydrothermal activity in the seafloor as earth’s ocean floors generally have, “you can have life” Dr. Steven Vance clarifies.

Ganymede Icy layers
Ganymede Icy layers

In an article from the Planetary and Space Science magazine, it is stated that Ganymede may contain primitive life, because there may be interaction between water and rock, which is essential for the development of life.
Of course if there is too much pressure between the icy layers that could be a problem for life to develope. But still scientist are building and studying new models and the mysteries of Ganymede are growing.

With the objective to explore these mysteries and more, both ESA and NASA are planing new missions to the Jupiter’s icy moons (JUICY), which will take place in the beginning of 2030.

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