The Unexplained Nazca Lines


Many interesting and unknown facts about the Nazca lines in Peru are still controversial.
Where Did They Come From? What are the Lines of Nazca? What was their purpose, and how were they made?

Located in the southern Peru, Nazca lines is the name given to a series of ancient geoglyphs.
There are over 800 straight lines, many geometric figures, plant and animal designs.
Some of the straight lines run up to 30 miles, in and between them there are trapezoidal areas and the animal figures range from 50 to 1200 feet in length.

Ancient geoglyphs of Nazca
Ancient geoglyphs of Nazca

It is believed that, the lines were created in the time of the Nazca Indians, who flourished in the area from 200BC to around 600AD. Graves and ruins have been found near the lines.
Some theories believe that these lines serve the purpose of religious ceremonies. Since there is little water in that region this must have been reason enough for the population to construct this complex and pray to the Gods for Water.

But are these Gods the same ones that we have been told about in religious books?

Nazca Lines, view from above
Nazca Lines, view from above

Not for Erich Von Däniken, who writes about Nazca in his book “Chariots Of The Gods”.
In his book he discusses his belief that the Nazca lines were created by aliens and used as landing strips.
In fact it looks like the entire top of the mountain has been cut, or, flattened.

For Von Däniken, the designs were too complex and covered such a large distance that they could not have been created by humans, due to the size of the lines, lack of tools and plus, they had no ability to view the lines from the air.
Yes, these lines are so big that we can only perceive the designs from the air. And, as you know, in 200BC there were no planes, or any kind of machine that could fly.

Nazca Bird
Nazca Bird
Nazca Trapezoids
Nazca Trapezoids
Nazca Spider
Nazca Spider

Whether these lines were man made or a work of the Gods/Aliens we still don’t know.
So the questions remain unanswered.

Naza Humanoid
Nazca Humanoid


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    the world seems too small to the one who made the Nasca lines


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