Electricity In the Ancient Times? The Light Of Dendera

The Temple of Hathor at Dendera, North of Luxor, contains a number of small crypts.
These crypts are thought to have served as warehouses for sacred and ceremonial equipment.
Some of them have undecorated walls, but others have walls of limestone, rather than the sandstone of the temple itself, that are covered with carefully carved reliefs.
It was there, beneath the temple of Hathor, that archeologists found a crypt with a wall inscribed with what is still today controversial.

Dendera Temple

Mainstream Egyptologists strongly dispute that there is anything unusual about the carvings and claim that they represent aspects of Egyptian mythology and show the birthing of a snake from a lotus flower.
However, a close look at the picture does raise interesting questions.
Though archeologist seem to indicate that everything in ancient times revolved around religion in some form or other, it seems more likely that some buildings, (other than housing) served other functions.

Dendera Carving Light of Dendera Dendera light Dendera

In contrast to the mainstream interpretation, there is a hypothesis according to which the reliefs depict Ancient Egyptian electrical technology, based on comparison to similar modern devices (such as Geissler tubes, Crookes tubes, and arc lamps).

The lotus flower is easily recognizable but the beam (or bulb) is unusual. The stem of the lotus is unusually long almost cable-like – and does appear to connect to a device that is similar to the ancient Baghdad Battery. Baghdad Battery
The pillar does look remarkably like a modern electrical insulator of the type that is used on national power-lines and from this device two arms reach up to support the bulb or beam.
The snake is a representation of power and energy and leaves the lotus in a manner very similar to the elongated filaments associated with industrial lighting.

In fact, a Norwegian electrical engineer noticed that the object shown on the relief, could work as a lamp. An Austrian colleague was able to construct a working model, and two well known authors in the AAS, Peter Krassa and Rainer Habeck, could even work out a real theory based on it.

Working Model Created By Jason Martell

Be it one thing or another, this carving remains a mystery.
Did the Egyptians know and use electric lights? If so, where did they get the knowledge from?


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