Seti Announces Two New Ways to search for Alien Life

The day could not be more appropriated. The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has come up with two new ways to allegedly not only search but also contact alien life on other planets.

In the first method, the Panchromatic SETI project, multiple telescopes in different countries will scan a variety of wavelengths from 30 stars near the sun; the project will look for powerful signals beamed into space, potentially by intelligent extraterrestrials.

SETI will also launch an interplanetary eavesdropping program that is expected to search for messages beamed between planets in a single system. Occasionally two planets line up in the same orbital path, pointed towards Earth, and the Kepler telescope will then be able to pick up any signals that might be sent from one planet to another.

So far, using the Green Bank Telescope, the team has picked up on this phenomenon happening 75 times, and the range of radio frequencies that can be picked up include those used by mission control on Earth to communicate with astronauts.

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