New Ancient Mayan cities found in Mexican jungle

A team led by archaeologist Ivan Sprajc has announced the discovery of an ancient Mayan city near Chactún, that was found back in 2013 also by Sprajc during a previous expedition.

Among the newfound ruins are several pyramid temples, the remains of an ancient palace and a huge stone facade with an entrance made to resemble the jaws of a large creature. They were found within an area of jungle covering 1800 square miles that is notoriously difficult to explore.

NewMayan Piramyds
“In the jungle you can be as little as 600 feet from a large site and do not even suspect it might be there; small mounds are all over the place, but they give you no idea about where an urban center might be,” said Sprajc.

The ancient Maya metropolis is one of 80 sites that have been identified by the Archaeological Survey Project in Southeastern Campeche, which began in 1996. The location of these sites was based primarily on recognition from large-scale aerial photography.


Some sites like Uxul and Kings wall had previously been described by explorers such as Karl Ruppert, in the 1930s. However, Chactún was largely ignored by scientific expeditions until today.

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  1. Does this team accept volunteer helpers? I live part time in the US and part time in Mexico and would be interested in financing my own adventure with my children to come help with the labor, etc. just for the experience.

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