The Unexplained Knowledge of Mali’s Dogon Tribe

This west-African tribe revealed to the first anthropologist ever to visit them that they were possessing a particular galactic knowledge brought by their “Gods” in the ancient past. To the surprise of western civilization, they knew the star Sirius A had a companion star (Sirius B), how heavy those celestial bodies were, and their orbital cycles precisely.

Impressive, for a ‘primitive’ community that has no astrological measurement tools to know that much about such a remote place in our universe. The first day Sirius B becomes visible in the sky there is an important festival day at the Dogon Tribe.
Which is funny because Sirius B is not visible to the naked eye. How could have they possibly figured all this information about this star system without our modern equipment?

dogon tribe

Their legends say they have been taught this from their amphibian creator gods – the Nommo – that came from the sky and acted as teachers and bringers of civilization to their tribe.


Dogon mythology says that Nommo was the first living creature created by the sky god Amma. Shortly after his creation, Nommo underwent a transformation and multiplied into four pairs of twins. One of the twins rebelled against the universal order created by Amma. To restore order to his creation, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo progeny, whose body was dismembered and scattered throughout the universe.This dispersal of body parts is seen by the Dogon as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogons’ traditional territory; wherever a body part fell, a shrine was erected.

Until today, Dogon individuals often tattoo lines across their abdomens and sharpen their teeth to make themselves look more serpent-like, or more like the Nummo/Nommo, their cosmic teachers.


Of course, not all say this is true. Many argument that Robert Temple (the writer of «The Sirius Mystery», a book that advanced the conclusion that the Dogon’s knowledge of astronomy and non-visible cosmic phenomenon could only be explained if this knowledge had been imparted upon them by an extraterrestrial race that had visited the Dogon at some point in the past) made up all of this to make ‘his’ tribe famous.

Until today the Dogon depict some curious cravings in their crafts.
Until today the Dogon depict some curious cravings in their crafts.

Astronomer Carl Sagan touched upon the issue in his book Broca’s Brain (1979), seeing problems in Temple’s hypothesis. As an example, Sagan believes that because the Dogon seem to have no knowledge of another planet beyond Saturn which has rings, that their knowledge is therefore more likely to have come from European, and not extraterrestrial, sources.

Once again nothing can be proved and the controversy about the Dogon Tribe continues… but one must remember the astonishing resemblance between the Nommo and the legends from Indian, Greek and Mesopotanian Mythology, also talking about fish-like creatures (see Oannes and Matsya) that came from the sky and brought knowlegde to mankind. Pure coincidence?


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  1. You are trying to steal history by distorting it. These things were already engraved in stone by the Dogon, thousands of years before any western civilization existed. Further there are far more realities that were true long before the Greeks and the rest of western (Caucasoid) existence ever went there or to Egypt to study and obviously adapt as their own. Take science itself for example, not to mention math, medicine, architecture, rubber, philosophy, a ‘one God’ belief system (monotheism), etc. Sounds like you and Carl Sagan are trying to white-wash history.

  2. Having thoroughly researched this subject, I discovered certain facts that suggest the Dogon myths are based on fact. In 1956 Dieterlain, Griaule’s assistant, was interviewed on television and flatly stated that symbols depicting Digitaria (Sirius B) were found on 400 year old Dogon pots. This predates the first suggestion that Sirius is a binary star by 300 years. Another fact to consider is Lake Bosumtwi, only recently identified by geologists as an asteroid crater. For hundreds of years the Dogon, Bambara and several other West African tribes ironsmiths made required annual pilgrimages to the lake to honor the Nummo who brought them smithing knowledge. The Dogon described to Griaule the path of the asteroid that created the lake. Initially, Sagan said the only possible scientific evidence for ancient aliens could be found in the Dogon myths. He later retracted his statement under pressure from the scientific community. The principle detractor for the Dogon myth was anthropologists Van Beek who turns out to be a member of the LDS church, despite being Dutch. The Dogon myth does not support the church line. As for similarities between the various fish like creatures in different cultures, one needs to consider the Dogon are believed to have originally migrated from Egypt. There are many other facts that indicate the myths were based on fact for anyone interested in researching the subject.

  3. Yep the Dogon are but one of many ancient mysteries that cannot be swept under the carpet. Just because they give tv personalities like Carl Sagan airtime doesn’t mean they know their butt from a hole in the ground. No matter if he is an indoctrinated astronomer relying on government grants that demand a towing of the line!

  4. Anything that cannot be explained can usually be linked back to Africa. Ancient mysteries??? First anthropologists to visit??? The whole situation is laughable. Look at the most ludicrous statement made in this post: “As an example, Sagan believes that because the Dogon seem to have no knowledge of another planet beyond Saturn which has rings, that their knowledge is therefore more likely to have come from European, and not extraterrestrial, sources.” How can something come from Europe when Europe wasn’t even in existence before Biblical times? The Bible was written from Ancient Egyptian Text.

  5. Lol. I’m cracking up because the story is discrediting AFRIKAN people once again. Smh. I’m so glad our ancestors passed knowledge down throughout generations cause the west always tries to discredit ant AFRIKAN PEOPLE.
    LOL ….straight trippin “mankind” lol yea ok. AFRIKAN ppl are not mankind we’re HUEMAN.HUE(meaning color) even though the whites took out the e in hueman and changed it to human to make it seem as if we’re the all 1 race. That’s bs and they know it. They are man kind meaning a kind of man…second….unoriginal etc. Afrikan people =9ETHER. ASE.

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