Stonehenge has more than meets the eye: older and bigger megaliths found

After decades of studies Stonehenge keeps surprising us! A research team just found out that what we can see above ground is just a piece of a most larger complex.


More than 50 ten-foot pillars, some of which may still be deep underground, 17 ritual monuments, including “massive prehistoric pits” that may have been dug along astronomic lines, and a “long barrow” – a large wooden building believed to have been used as a mortuary for bodies after “defleshing”, proven than Stonehenge had some strange and bloody rituals in the past.


Most of the clues about the ancient construction lie deep underground so the archaeologists used new techniques for finding the traces of pits and pillars. They beamed radar and lasers into the ground and wheeled scanners over a vast area to study subtle changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.


Archaeologists believe the Stonehenge complex was built and modified over a period of 11,000 years. Questions about the function of its various structures remain.



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