The Temple of the Three Windows, Machu Picchu’s Stargate?

Located at the Andes mountains in Peru, Machu Picchu is one of the most well knowed and impressive structures from the ancient world. It’s myths and construction are also a very important piece to the Ancient Astronaut Hypotesis.

Located in the southwestern corner of the main plaza we find the Temple of Three Windows. A stone hall 35 feet long and 14 feet wide containing three trapezoidal windows along one wall, a rare feature in Inca architecture.

Even more impressing, are the myths, suggesting that this was a representation of a real Stargate.

One of the main Inca creation myths was that of the Ayar Brothers, who emerged from a cave called Pacaritambo (“Hostel of Production” or “Hostel of Dawn”). This house was located on Tambotoco Hill. It had three windows. According to the myth, the group of Maras Sutic emerged from one of the windows, called Maras Toco (“without parents”) by spontaneous generation. The four brothers emerged from another window called Capac Toco. Their names were Ayar Uchu, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Manco and Ayar Auca.

Three Windows Temple

They were accompanied by their four sisters, named Mama Ocllo, Mama Huaco, Mama Ipacura or Cura and Mama Raua.

From the 4 brothers, Ayar Cachi was the strongest of all: He had a slingshot that threw stones that reached the sky, and made the sky rain and creating thunders. The 3 left brothers were jealous of Ayar Cachi, and decided to lock him on a Pacarina, which is one of the most sacred places. They said to his brother that he must enter to a cave to search for food and other things. He was betrayed by his own brothers, putting a big stone on the entrance of the cave. That made Ayar Cachi so mad, that he yelled so loud that he open the mountains and shake the sky.

Ayar Auca, in search of a place to live with his brother, grew wings and flew over a place known as La Pampa Del Sol (the Sun settlement), then landed on this place and turn into a stone. In the world of the Andes, materializing oneself in stone was a way of perpetuating divinity or conferring the nature of holiness; that is why Ayar Uchu was able to communicate with his brothers, in spite of his being transformed into stone.

The only brother that left was Ayar Manco who arrived to the city of Cusco, where he found the right place to settle down after he sunk the golden stick that was deliver by His father and god, Inti ( the Sun), founding the Inca Empire, Tahuantinsuyo.

Beside “superpowers” and “super weapons” and according to Inca legends, the Ayar Brothers (the children of the sun god Viracocha) stepped into the world through three mysterious openings in a mountain, giving birth to the Inca civilization. Could this be a reference to an Einstein-Rosen bridge (“wormhole”)?

As the Three Windows are aligned perfectly to let June solstice sunrise come right in at a perfect angle, many are those who believe this knowledge was past by their gods, who were actually visitors from outer space.

MACHU PICCHU 3 windows temple

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