DNA Reveals: Neanderthals and Humans First Mated 50,000 Years Ago

Scientists analyzed the DNA of a bone found by an artist and mammoth ivory collector, Nikolai Peristov in western Siberia in 2008. They calculated the age of the man’s bone to be about 45,000 years old and DNA reveals that Neanderthals and Humans first mated almost 50,000 Years Ago.

Genetic analysis of DNA from the bone revealed this man was equally closely related to present-day Asians and to early Europeans.

DNA NeanderthalsPreviously, scientists had suggested modern humans colonized Asia first by traveling a more southern, coastal route that gave rise to the present-day people of Oceania, while a later, more northern migration, gave rise to mainland Asians. The fact the researchers find direct evidence for the presence of a modern human in Siberia 45,000 years ago indicates that early modern human migrations into Eurasia were not solely via a southern route as has been previously suggested.
neaderthal and Europeans
It remains uncertain when interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals occurred.

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