Walls of Jericho: Was the Shofar an Alien Weapon?

To religious scholars, the collapse of Jericho’s walls was a miracle. To most modern-day scientists and historians, the destruction was most probably caused by an earthquake. But could it have been something else? Could the Israelites have possessed advanced sound wave technology? If so, where did it come from?

Approximately 17 miles northeast of Jerusalem lies the ancient ruins of the city of Jericho. Here, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of settlements dating back to 9,000 BC.
According to the Hebrew Bible, Jericho is believed to be where God spoke to Joshua, the successor to Moses, and instructed him to march around the walled city once every six days with seven priests carrying rams’ horns, and followed by the Ark of the Covenant, the golden chest containing the Ten Commandments.
Then, on the seventh day, under orders by God, Joshua and the Israelites marched around the perimeter of the city one last time (horns blowing) but this time they blew the rams’ horns. The walls of Jericho fell, and the city was sacked.

walls of jericho

But even if the Israelites possessed some sort of advanced, extraterrestrial technology, could the amplified sound of rams’ horns really bring down stone walls? According to scientist and former astronaut, Professor Taylor Wang, recent research into the field of physical acoustics suggests it is a distinct possibility.

It will come down to the amount of energy you put into your sound wave, and whether or not that particular pressure wave you generate will couple or impact the thing you’re trying to destroy.

So what kind of technology were they using? It sounds utterly fantastic to us that they could have had some kind of advanced alien technology but it’s clearly what they’re describing. What do you think? Did aliens helped the Israelites to bring down the Walls of Jericho?

5 Comments on “Walls of Jericho: Was the Shofar an Alien Weapon?”

  1. Monks, Vedic Priests, Gregorian chantes, very early Egyptians knew well the power of controlled sound, especially human voices in specific combinations of notes ( chords). Use of sound for everything from healing to prayer, to possibly even lifting extremely heavy objects is not unknown. It only seems to us that some kind of ‘secret’ technology was used, because the modern mind has no concept of singing and playing music was rare and a sacred act…not taken for granted like it is today.

    1. That should be obvious, right? But most religious people still insist that beings who require arks, horns, gemstones and flying wheels to get things done are “gods”. Go figure.

  2. Like many other things in history, these two subjects became conflated: there are exotic weapons and sound technologies. There were also attempts to duplicate Atlantean crystal technology in Jericho. However, the city was destroyed by an earthquake.

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