The Taíno Indians: Alien Connection?

The Taíno were a Arawak tribe who were indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and their myths and traditions are more than interesting! But thats not all… caves in Dominican Republic may present us proof of an alien connection.

The Tainos were killed by the conquerors either by disease or battle, and their culture was almost completely wiped out. Preserved in time, still many artifacts and stone pottery can be found in the island, and their simple art they left behind in caves.


Myths and Legends

The Arawak/Taino were polytheists and their gods were called zemi. The zemi controlled various functions of the universe, very much like Greek gods did, or like later Haitian Voodoo lwa. However, they do not seem to have had particular personalities like the Greek and Haitian gods/spirits do.

Between them there was a custom of artificially deforming the skull of children, holding it with two tablets of cotton strips palm, one in front and one in the occipital, which managed to make the forehead look wider.  Taíno also modified or decorated their bodies to express their religion. The higher the piercing or tattoo on the body, the closer to their gods. Meaning… theirs gods were… above.

But theres more: Women served bread (a communion rite), first to zemi, then to the cacique followed by the other people. The sacred bread was a powerful protector. (The interesting similarities between this ritual and the Christian practice of eucharist is obvious!)

The origin of the oceans is described in the story of a huge flood, which occurred when a father murdered his son (who was about to murder the father).

Taínos also believed that Jupias, the souls of the dead, would go to Coaybay, the underworld, and there they rest by day. At night they would assume the form of bats and eat the fruit “guayaba”.

Could this connect the Taíno Indians to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis?

One Comment on “The Taíno Indians: Alien Connection?”

  1. If you make a comparition between Taíno man creation mithology and mithology of South West American Indian you will find that taíno people came from caves in the underground to the surface of the earth.

    In the American South West you find petrogliph showing the “ant people” who rescue the Indians in the underground, then to the Surface of earth.

    Today some people talk about a system of underground túnnels and caves where aliens and humano work together.

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