The 10 largest cut-stones of all time

All over the world one can find giant Megaliths. Many argue that they can not be made with the knowledge or the tools from the past. Lets see the 10 largest cut-stones of all time to understand the gigantic dimensions of these megaliths.

Karnak (Thebes), Egypt

Karnak now only contains three obelisks,  all made of pink granite from the Aswan quarries 186 miles upriver. Two obelisks still stand from the reigns of King Thutmose I (c. 1528-1510 BC), and Queen Hatshepsut (c. 1490-1486 BC), and are said to weigh approximately 300 tons each (232 tons – Ref-16), with a height of 29.5 metres.

Le Grand Menhir Brise, Brittany, France

Le Grand Menhir Brise, Brittany, France

This giant now lies at the end of a Neolithic long barrow, broken in four pieces. The stone was believed by Prof. A. Thom. to be used to mark positions in the lunar cycle.

The Ghiza Plateau, Egypt

Temple East of ‘Khafres’ Pyramid: Largest stone estimated 468 ton block’.

Mortuary temple of Menkaure (Mycerinus): Reisner estimated that some of the blocks of local stone in the walls of the mortuary temple weighed as much as 220 tons, while the heaviest granite ashlars imported from Aswan weighed more than 30 tons.

The ‘Valley Temple: The Valley temple was built from huge granite blocks in the style of the Osireion at Abydoss. They are estimated at around 50 tons + each. The whole temple in turn was encased in even larger limestone blocks, the largest of which has been estimated at around 200 tons.

The ‘Great’ pyramid of Khufu: The ‘Kings chamber’ in the Great pyramid is covered over with several granite stones estimated at 50-70 tons each.

Temple of Sais, Egypt

External dimensions – 10.99m x 7.33m x 4.19m = 337.5m³. (1000+ tons). Internal cavity – 9.81m x 6.28m x 2.62m = 161.4m³. (500+ tons)

Ethiopia – The Stellae of Axum (Aksum)


The area of Axum is home to what was once seven large stellae, all decorated in the same style, with doors and windows and astral imagery at the top. The largest (still standing) is 21m high (70ft) but there were larger with the heaviest, now fallen and broken estimated to have originally weighed in at around 500 tons.

Solomon’s Temple, Israel

The Western-wall Stone, from the Western-wall tunnel, The Largest stone is estimated at 11.625m long. Estimates of weight vary from 500 to 600 tons.

The Colossi of Memnon, Egypt


1200 tons. These two giants were built from a single piece of stone each. They are orientated towards the sunrise at winter solstice. The statues are made from blocks of quartzite sandstone  which was stone quarried at el-Gabal el Ahmar (near modern-day Cairo) and transported 420 miles over land without using the Nile to Thebes. They are too heavy to transport upstream on the Nile.

The Ramesseum, Egypt

The Ramesseum is the memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramesses II. Only fragments of the base and torso remain of the colossal statue of the enthroned Ramasses, (19m high and weighing around 1000 tons). The stone for the statue was transported 170 miles over land from Aswan to Thebes. This would have once been the largest statue (except statues carved in situ) in the world.

Ba’albek, Lebanon. – (The ‘Stone of the South)

unfinished obeliskEstimates of the weight of this stone vary considerably. Many agree the approximate weight of this stone is 1158.696 tons.

Three other smaller stones under ‘The Grand Terrace’ of the temple itself are also estimated to weigh from between 750 and 1,000 tons each, and there are several other colossal stones to be seen around the great ‘Temple of the Sun’ at Ba’albek.

The Unfinished Obelisk, Aswan, Egypt

This incredible stone is more than twice the size of any known obelisk ever raised. It measures 120-feet (42m) and would have weighed over 1,168 tons when complete. Quarrymen apparently abandoned the obelisk when natural fractures appeared in its sides. However, the stone, still attached to bedrock, gives important clues to how the ancients quarried granite.

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