Space particles found inside Egyptian pyramids


Another great piece of information for the “explain this then” argument. A group of researchers are set to start analyzing mysterious cosmic particles that they discovered in the Egyptian Bent Pyramid. And they say the particles could be the answer to how the pyramids were created some 4,600 years ago.

According to the site RT, Inside the ancient structure, the researchers found radiographic particles known as muons that fall from the Earth’s atmosphere.

The particles easily go through empty spaces, but they tend to be absorbed or re-routed by hard surfaces. Scientists are now going to study the patterns of the particles, and they believe that this may lead to a groundbreaking finding.

“For the construction of the pyramids, there is no single theory that is 100 percent proven or checked. They are all theories and hypotheses,” said Hany Helal, vice-president of the Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute, which is conducting the study.

“What we are trying to do with the new technology, we would like to either confirm or change or upgrade or modify the hypotheses that we have on how the pyramids were constructed,” he added.

The Bent Pyramid in Dahshur, located about 40 kilometers from Cairo, is considered by mainstream archaeology to have been ancient Egypt’s first attempt to construct a smooth-sided pyramid.

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