Was Puma Punku built by Ancient Aliens?

45 miles west of La Paz, isolated high in the Andes mountains, lie the ancient ruins of Puma Punku. At an altitude over 12,000 feet, the megalithic stones found here are among the largest on the planet, measuring up to 26 feet long and weighing more than 100 tons each. Archaeologists are baffled by what Puma Punku was, how it looked, and what the purpose of this enormous structure would have been.


Mainstream scientists believe the site was originally constructed about 2,000 years ago. But in 1945, by examining the structures and what he believed were their original alignment with the stars, archaeologist Arthur Posnansky proposed that Puma Punku the ruins were 17,000 years old.

Arthur Posnansky was a researcher who was part Bolivian, and he worked at the site for many decades. He reach that dating by studying the archeoastronomy of that particular site.

Arthur Posnansky

But no one knows how old Puma Punku is. We have had some circumstantial dating, but we have been unable to date the stones of Puma Punku themselves.


Mainstream scholars believe the blocks found at Puma Punku were formed by hand with primitive stone tools.

The most interesting and unusual stones got perfect right angles, small drill holes evenly spaced along and smooth surfaces. What did the ancients use to cut the andesite stone so precisely? Might evidence of advanced technology be found by further study of the construction of the Puma Punku stones?



Even more mysterious are the now famous “H Blocks”. Every one of these H blocks is exactly the same, like a prefabrication process. It’s almost like a Lego system of interconnecting blocks, and that is unique on Earth. Could this really be made with copper chisels and stone hammers? And why such strange and difficult to achieve form?

There are many theories from launch-ramps to alien spacecrafts or that they may have been used to mount hinges for a massive door. The truth is that, once again, no one knows for sure.


But how could the ancients have managed to move these incredibly heavy andesite stones to the site? After years of research, mainstream archaeologists have said the massive stones were hewn at quarries over 60 miles away and then rolled to Puma Punku on logs. This actually makes no sense at all.

At Puma Punke we are at an altitude of above the natural tree line. This means no trees ever grew in that area, ever. So no trees were cut down in order to use wooden rollers.

In one of the earliest chronicles that we have in regards to Puma Punku, its said that these giant platforms were moved through the air by the sound of a trumpet. Could this be the same technology of the Shofar?



Legend states that Viracocha, the great creator god of the Inca and the prehistoric civilization of the area, went to Puma Punku, and this is where he said he made men and women from stone and took them to the four corners of the Earth to spread their seed.
When the Spanish conquistadores asked the Inca, including the king of the Inca, who built Puma Punku, they all said, that these were made by the gods in one single night.

One of the legends of Puma Punku states that it was built by a race of giants in one night after a great cataclysm and flood had destroyed the whole area. But who were these giants? Where did they come from?



For centuries, researchers have been unable to explain what may have caused the destruction of this ancient site. At recent excavations of Puma Punku, researchers have discovered that bits of andesite stone, from the structural blocks, are thoroughly mixed in with the soil. Might such findings of this unusual soil composition be the result of a large-scale explosion in the remote past?

But if the structures at Puma Punku were constructed with such precision and with the heaviest, most durable materials available, how did it end up in ruins?

Nobody know for sure but one of the most plausible theories is that Puma Punku was deliberately destroyed by its extraterrestrial builders, before they leave.

Precision stonework, unparalleled engineering and incomprehensible destruction. Was Puma Punku built directly by extraterrestrials travelers? To date, this is actually the most logical explanation for this unique site.

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  1. So an Alien culture so advanced they can cross interstellar distances easily, find other inhabited worlds and once there decides to make their new homes out of CARVED ROCK?!?

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