The Impossible Stones of Baalbek

Giant Stones of Baalbek

According to Phoenician legends, Baalbek was the location where Ba’al first arrived on Earth in ancient times. Here we find gigantic megalithic stones incorporated into the foundation, each weighing between 800 to 1,200 tons and perfectly fitted together. Have they served as a huge landing platform for the aliens who once visited our planet?

Eastern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley. Here stand the ruins of Heliopolis, built in the fourth century BC. by Alexander the Great to honor Zeus. But beneath the Corinthian columns and remnants of both Greek and Roman architecture lie the ruins of a site that is much, much older. According to archaeologists, it dates back nearly 9,000 years.

Archaeological surveys have revealed that the enormous stone foundation that lies at the base of the site dates back tens of thousands of years. Some of the stones are of such magnitude that modern machinery is incapable of putting them there, but somehow our ancestors were able to do this. But with what purpose?

The same area where Heliopolis was built was formerly used by the Egyptians to worship Ra. Why they would build another temple on the exact same spot, unless that location was of extreme importance?

Can you see him?
Can you see him?

These are perfectly fitted 1,500-ton stones assembled into the biggest ancient foundation known to present day science. What exactly made the builders leave without a clue regarding their existence and what purpose the site once held remains a complete mystery.

Is it possible that Baalbek had been considered a sacred place for tens of thousands of years because it was where extraterrestrial beings first arrived on Earth?

Baalbek Ancient Aliens

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