1963 the USA fleet records impossible speed from a USO

While training in anti-submarine maneuvers, the United States Navy’s fleet led by the USS Wasp aircraft carrier detects an unknown sonar target moving at more than 150 knots, or 170 miles per hour, an impossible speed even today. Was this an extraterrestrial USO?

Many are the reports from USO’s (Underwater Submerged Objects) but one of the most credible is from the USA Navy.

March 1963, near the coast of Puerto Rico the USS Wasp aircraft carrier detects an unknown sonar target moving at an impossible speed. For four days the fleet tracked the unknown object, recording its speed.

There is nothing in any naval inventory anywhere in the world that can approach anything remotely that speed, then or now.

But there is more: The object descended to a depth of 27,000 feet. Again, another impossibility. The pressures down there are vastly too much. They would crush any vessel that went down that deep. At that time, the technology that we had, the best that we could do underwater was about 45 knots at a maximum depth of about 3,000 feet.

Communications were hindered by the fact that each of the warships was trying to advise the command ship–the carrier Wasp (CVN-18)–of the strange event. Thirteen captains would enter the incident in their ships’ logs.

Even more strange is there’s been a tremendous surge of UFO sightings in Puerto Rico since the early 1990s. And for many of the Puerto Rican witnesses, they’re absolutely convinced that there’s some sort of massive futuristic installation deep below Puerto Rico, under the ocean bed.

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