1979 the Close Encounter of Robert Taylor

Know as The Livingston Incident or the Robert Taylor Incident is the story of one of the few close encounters with physical evidence and criminal investigation.

In 1979 Robert Taylor reported seeing an extraterrestrial spacecraft and the case was officially investigated by the Scottish Lothian and Borders police. The authorities accompanied Taylor to the site and they found “ladder-shaped marks” in the ground where Taylor said he saw the large spherical object. Police recorded the matter as a criminal assault.

On 9 November 1979, he parked his pickup truck at the side of a road near the M8 motorway and walked along a forest path up the side of Dechmont Law with his dog.

Taylor claims that upon entering a clearing, which was approximately 500 metres away from where he parked his truck, he saw a large spherical object, twenty feet in diameter, hovering above the forest floor.

The object seemed to be built from some kind of metallic material which was transparent in some places but not in others.

As Robert Taylor approached the object, two similar looking but smaller spheres about three feet in diameter, with appendages, dropped from underneath and started rolling towards him.

The spheres were similar in appearance to landmines and they maneuvered their way round him and attached themselves to his trousers.

Robert Taylor claims that as this point he heard a hissing sound and started choking due to a pungent smell which he believes was some kind of gas being secreted by the objects.

As Taylor found himself being dragged towards the larger object, he fell forwards onto his face and lost consciousness.

When he eventually awoke after the experience, managed to crawl 100 metres before eventually climbing to his feet and staggering the rest of the way back to his truck.

He tried to radio for help but couldn’t do so due to not being able to speak and so, attempted to make his way home in the truck. Taylor’s wife reported that when he arrived home on foot, he appeared dishevelled and muddy with torn clothing and ripped trousers. His wife called the police and a doctor, who treated him for grazes to his chin and thighs.

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