Ancient Neanderthal Structures Found

A 3-D reconstruction of the structures in the Bruniquel Cave

Archaeologists say the circular structures discovered deep in a cave in southwestern France were constructed 176,000 years ago. The Neanderthal structures provide little indication as to what their purpose was.

Working deep inside France’s Bruniquel Cave, researchers found six rings composed of stalagmite pieces that early humans had apparently gathered and arranged to form the circles.

What makes the find even more remarkable is that the structures pre-date the presumptive arrival of humans in Europe by an astounding 140,000 years.

According to LA Times the arrangement of the rocks as well as the fire evidence excludes the possibility that the structures were made by animals. So… who made them?

The Neanderthal structures also represent the most ancient explorations of caves ever seen by early humans as well as some of the oldest structures ever found.

This is one of the most exciting finds in recent years and could shed more light in mankind ancient past.

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