8 Cave Paintings depicting Aliens

All over the world there are unexplained cave paintings that archeologists struggle to explain. Here are 8 cave paintings depicting aliens / UFOs. It is believed that prehistoric caveman used to draw whatever he used to see, hence the existences of the images of UFOs and aliens in the various cave drawings certainly prove that aliens and UFOs are not the yield of creative minds only.

Sego Canyon, Utah, USA


Large eyes and missing limbs of the creatures would certainly remind you of visitors from the outer space. These paintings are found to be 7,500 years old.

Val Camonica, Italy


Dating back to 10,000 B.C., there are several strange depictions in this Italian caves. It appears to depict two beings in protective suits holding strange implements. Notice the halo looking objects over their heads, which is very similar to other early cave drawings and paintings.

Niaux caves, France


What looks exactly an outline diagram of a spaceship as seen in sci-fi movies is actually a cave drawing that is found in the Niaux caves of France. This Paleolithic cave painting was drawn some time between 13,000 B.C. and 10,000 B.C.

Tassili, Sahara desert, Algeria


This figure also does not look human. Notice the same halo-looking object around the head that we see in some of the other paintings from other parts of the world. This cave painting is from Tassili, Sahara Desert in North Africa. It dates back to 6000 B.C. The figures do not look human. Notice the flying disk in the sky.

Itolo, Tanzania


Several disc shaped objects are seen in the cave drawings of Itolo, in Tanzania that dates back to 27,000 B.C.

Cave of Pech Merle, France


The drawings in the cave of Pech Merle near Le Cabrerets in France depict a field of different wild animals, amidst which there is a strange looking humanoid structure that has limbs and a tail as well. There is no reason to believe that this figure was imaginative as all the other animals seen in the drawing can be recognized. Three flying objects are also seen in this drawing that was drawn about 17000 to 19000 years ago.

Kimberly, Australia


These cave paintings date back to approximately 3,000 B.C and are from Kimberley, Australia. These are more ancient paintings of what the local Aborigines call the Wandjina.

Notice how these also possess the same dominate characteristics: the eyes and the halo-type object around the heads. Most of these also possess the bulbous head which the famous “greys” are said to possess.

Chhattisgarh, India

We already write about this one here. These paintings which are about 10,000 years old depict humanoid figures that do not have nose or lips and are characterized by large bulging eyes only.



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    In ‘Childhood’s End’  Sir Arthur C. Clarke suggests that there are scores of different beings in a hierarchy ascending to God.  Who or what they are is beyond our imagination – try to picture the concept of a human being in the ‘mind’ of a mosquito or microbe.  And this comparison is immeasurably closer, in my opinion, than the ‘distance’ between humans and the next higher type of beings – the first rank above us in the hierarchy of unknowable scores of beings between God and us. 
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  2. Always an interesting subject no doubt. As for images that “could” be interpreted as representing alien visitation, I find only 3 of these images compelling.

    1- Niaux caves, France, without doubt wins. There’s no mistaking this one for anything other than what it looks like and that is the very typical craft we in modern times are so familiar with.

    2- Itolo, Tanzania, is very compelling as well because it too also looks like nothing but another type of craft we are also familiar with, albeit not as common as the one in Niaux.

    3- Cave of Pech Merle, France is interesting no doubt. For it seems to be depicting crafts that are maneuvering and doing “something” not unlike many contemporary witnesses have either claimed or documented.

    As for the humanoid figures? While some “could” be aliens in “spacesuits” I can also see them as nothing more but embellishments of ideals/gods or perhaps ceremonial representation of a mask/costume wearing tribesman depicting a date of importance. Therefore, I reject them. (Although they are interesting.)

    But the first one? VERY HAUNTING.

  3. Ancient Aliens is so much refreshing than done of the rubbish out there, I’ve always believed we have been visited long before we were even walking upright it’s good to get a prospective from experts that make sense Thank you

  4. In creation dream time aborigines claim the wandijnas came from the stars the milky way and helped the aborigines come to Australia when their home land was lost. The aborigines claim they flew here with Wandjinas who also taught them how to survive the new land which they claimed was unoccupied. The wandjinas lived amongst people the image on caves was the wandijnas who lived in the cave and had died. The world’s oldest culture claim these beings came from the stars helped them and lived with them. This is what the worlds oldest culture claims it is ancient knowledge that many modern people dismiss but as we learn more and evolve we see the possibility of other races coming here that they resemble greys is no coincidence it is just that ancient people knew more about ET and that America decided to classify aliens. As Obama said he can’t answer the alien question as it is classified ….fairy tales don’t become classified for over 50 years its a shame sociopaths run the show that we are not told more. We can learn from the world’s oldest culture. I am part aboriginal so maybe it is easier for me I find many small minded or confused it is not their fault it is disinformation from a sensitive military classified topic

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