Movie: The Phoenix Incident

On March 13th, 1997 a number of “missing person” cases were reported in Phoenix, Arizona after thousands of people witnessed an unexplained series of lights in the night sky in what became known as The Phoenix Incident.

At about 8:30 PM, people in Phoenix looked up to see something huge and unexpected floating over the city. The craft had meandered in utter silence over Arizona, passing over the cities of Prescott and Dewey before making its way to Phoenix.

Witnesses said that the UFO was unmistakably solid as it blocked out the stars as it passed overhead.

Also known as Phoenix Lights, the Phoenix Incident was witnessed by 30,000 people, and is unsolved years later. You can know all about it in Wikipedia.

Now, the incident is the subject of an exciting new film from director Keith Arem (an Arizona native and video game industry veteran who has worked on popular titles like the Call of Duty series as well as Titanfall and Ghost Recon). We already seen it and loved it.

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  1. This is the government bullshit trying to use aliens as a deflect of there agenda what a bunch of bullshit if aliens were going to invade it would have happend about a thousand times already. Give me a break asshole prick government we are not that stupid. Chemtrails poison water Monsanto the list goes on aliens are not are sorry but or bullshit government is:(((

  2. You have a point there. U.S government is ……. Playing its own people. They like to keep secrets. Keeping its own people kiving a lie. Why not tell the truth ahout E.Ts and UFOs. I hope this will be solved. #justsaying

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