Confirmed: Scientists found hidden information in our DNA

After confirming that humans contain ‘alien’ genes not passed on from our ancestors, researchers have now discovered a second layer of information in our DNA. Is this the ultimate proof of Paleocontact?

Last year a controversial study challenged  the conventional views that animal evolution relies solely on genes passed down through ancestral lines. Now, Leiden theoretical physicists have proven that not only the genetic information in DNA determines who we are, but also DNA’s mechanics. Helmut Schiessel and his group simulated many DNA sequences and found a correlation between mechanical cues and the way DNA is folded.

With this finding we know that evolutionary changes in DNA—mutations—can have two very different effects: the letter sequence encoding for a specific protein can change or the mechanics of the DNA structure can change, resulting in a different packaging and accessibility of the DNA and therefore a different frequency of production of that protein,” the researchers explains in a statement.

Certain parts of our DNA do not correspond to any known biological function, remaining as one of the greatest mysteries in the study of DNA. First know as “junk DNA”, cientists now believe there is no such thing and we will find much more information about ourselves in this layers. Maybe something about our creators?


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  1. I believe that all the world religions of today are man-made institutions designed to retain power and control by a few over the human populations. With all the archeological discoveries we have made and continue to pursue, it is my opinion that technically superior “gods” of the vast cosmos visited planet earth many times to experiment and to gather resources they needed. There is simply too much evidence on every continent for me to think otherwise. I am no scientist, but for me the logical explanation for human existence on earth is evident from what we have unearthed thus far.

    1. I agree. Religion was invented to keep people morally correct. The shepherd tending his flock may have had thoughts of perversion towards the female sheep but if he felt he was being “watched over” by an unseen entity he would behave out fear of shame and guilt.
      Maybe the visitors are our future selves coming back for reasons mentioned.

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