The worldwide phenomenon of Pyramids

Pyramids dating as far back as 3,000 BC exist throughout the world. How is it possible that civilizations spread out over five continents all built similar pyramidal structures?

Mainstream scholars say if you want to make anything that’s going to be tall, the first thing you would always build would be some type of pyramid, because it’s the most stable structure you could imagine making. And this makes sense but can we find a deeper meaning in the worldwide phenomenon that are Pyramids?



The Candi Sukuh temple in Indonesia has several identical design elements as the pyramids at Chichen ltza.
Another Hindu temple in Cambodia mysteriously resembles a Mayan temple at Tikal.

In Montevecchia, Milan, Italy, the pyramids at that location seem to show a very clear resemblance to the pyramids at the Giza plateau.

A possible explanation for all of this is that all of these cultures learned how to build these pyramids from the same teachers.

We see a lot of similarities, in terms of composition and cultures, far back in time between Peru and and Egypt and the Olmecs of Southern Mexico. It is quite possible that the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Peruvians were indeed connected, that they actually traveled back and forth visiting each other and influencing each other’s cultures.


Did ancient man build the pyramids as burial chambers? Why use two and a half million blocks of stones?

We’re told that the Great Pyramid was a tomb for the pharaoh, but there’s never been a body found inside  the Great Pyramid. And so this notion that we really think that grave robbers somehow were responsible for everything can no longer be maintained.


Both the Mayans and the Egyptians have legends that the Gods came down and gave them instructions to build pyramids.
For instance, with the Egyptians, the famous god Thoth, that is known as the Architect of the Universe, and it was he who allegedly designed the entire pyramid complex at Giza.

Imhotep, the responsible for the first pyramid, actually said that he received this information from the gods.

Might the thousands of pyramids found throughout the world have a common extraterrestrial connection, as ancient astronaut theorists contend? Perhaps more proof can be found by looking at pyramids not from the ground, but from above.



Inside the pyramid, the designers added small shafts aligned towards two specific constellations Orion and Sirius.
The four shafts are not only aligned perfectly on a north-south axis, but one shaft also points directly toward Orion’s Belt.
Mainstream scientists believe shafts like these were simply used as ventilation during construction, but might there be another reason why they align with the stars?

We know that the ancient Egyptian pyramid builders believed that the king was going to become a star in Orion. There is much to suggest that this correlation is not a coincidence.

But also Teotihuacan is created according to a specific layout. Within its design, we have a representation of our solar system.
But we also know that, for example, the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of Quetzalcoatl are in the same layout as Orion’s Belt, which the three pyramids of the Giza Plateau have been laid out into, as well. Coincidence?


Magelang, Indonesia. The Borobudur temple on the island of Java is the world’s largest Buddhist monument.
Built during the eighth and ninth centuries AD, this religious structure, with its wide base and tiered mound, is another example of a pyramid.
Consisting of six rectangular terraces topped by three concentric circular terraces, this intricate pyramid design has intrigued scholars, especially when viewed from the air.

pyramids Borobudur temple

Central China, 1945. While transporting supplies from India, U.S. Army Air Corps pilot James Gaussman spots a mysterious structure that becomes known as “The Great White Pyramid”. And he claimed he saw a huge pyramid in the valley with a gigantic crystal capstone on the top of it.

Two years later, the New York Times reported that Colonel Maurice Sheahan, another American aviator flying over Central China, spotted a 1,000-foot-high pyramid in the same area.

Since the story broke, 37 more pyramid-shaped mounds have been identified in China, including the mausoleum of the first Qin Emperor, where thousands of terracotta warrior statues were buried in the 3rd century BC.

The pyramidal structures that have been discovered throughout the region had been covered in vegetation, seemingly camouflaged to look like natural formations. The Chinese government denies that there are any pyramids in China at all. But why if anyone can see them with Google Maps?

An interesting correlation with this is that ancient Chinese emperors claimed contact with extraterrestrials in their writing. And they claimed people from the sky came down and helped them with information, and therefore there could be a historical record that could possibly link these pyramids with visitors from another planet.


Might there be more hidden and otherwise undiscovered pyramids in other countries countries that want to ensure that the truth of their extraterrestrial origin will never be known?

Many say yes. From the know well-known Bosnian Pyramids, to the stories of an Alaska Pyramid and even a recent discover of an pyramidal shape mound in Antarctica there seems that pyramids were all over the world in ancient times.

Structures like The Yonaguni Monument are unexplained and it seems that many of the governments of the world want these peculiar structures to keep that way. Unexplained.



The word “pyramid” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “fire in the center”. The Greeks thought that the geometric shape of pyramids focused cosmic energy and many believe that they were “machines” able to collect or amplify some kind of energy from the Earth. Is it really possible that the ancient pyramids are part of an advanced, perhaps alien technology?

Over 10,000 pyramids in Central America, 300 in Peru, 250 in China, 155 in Egypt and maybe many more underwater or still to be found underground. From Asia, Africa, Europe, Central, North and South America, pyramids are a worldwide phenomena and maybe, one of the most important pieces of the Ancient Astronaut theory puzzle.

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