Teotihuacan: Researchers found a unique Elongated Skull


Another unique elongated skull has been discovered near Teotihuacan. Researchers had evidence of a “very peculiar physiognomy” not native to the region.

The skeleton has been named ‘The Woman of Tlailotlacan’ in honor of the neighborhood where it was found. She was buried in the Barrio Oaxaqueño neighborhood, also known as Tlailotlacan meaning “people from distant lands.”

Although other intentionally deformed skeletons have been found in Teotihuacan, this one is among those with the most deformations.

Another distinctive feature, showing the woman was a “foreigner” in Teotihuacan, is the two round pyrite stones encrusted in her top front teeth, a technique used in Mayan regions in southern Mexico and Central America. She also wore a prosthetic lower tooth made of a green stone known as serpentine.

This discover also confirms that the residents of Tlailotlacan weren’t only laborers who were brought to or moved to the big city for work, but people of wealth and status as well. The Lady of Tlailotlacan’s modifications were reserved for the Maya elites.

The ongoing excavation of the neighborhood have revealed that there were Oaxacans and other foreigners living in Teotihuacan from the early days of its rise to prominence until its mysterious fall.

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  • July 25, 2016 at 1:29 am

    Utterly fascinating. Keep the information coming; I have an insatiable appetite for this knowledge.


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