The unbelievable story of Valiant Thor

The book “Stranger at the Pentagon” tell us a very peculiar story about an extraterrestrial on a mission. His name was Valiant Thor and many believe that he was real.

8:00 AM, March 16, 1957. Valiant Thor arrived in a ship, which landed in Alexandria, Virginia in an agricultural field. According to Dr. Stranges, Thor was about 6 feet tall and 185 pounds with brown, wavy hair and brown eyes. The police were the first on the scene and found him calm with only one request: to meet with President Eisenhower.

So they took him through the Pentagon where he met with the secretary of defense, and later with Eisenhower, Nixon, and all the joint chiefs.

Valiant Thor remained in the United States for three years. Acording to the book he had been sent to Earth by the High Council to intervene on behalf of the intergalactic community. They were worried with our nuclear capabilities and how nuclear warfare could lead to the obliteration of the human race.

val-thorVal Valient Thor, Thor, Valiant

As outlandish as the claims seem to be, photographs have surfaced of Thor meeting with top officials and no one has stepped forward to dispute them.

Dr. Frank Stranges, the author of “Stranger at the Pentagon” was a federal marshal and chaplain who had top-secret security clearance at the Pentagon. Stranges’ account was backed up by Harley Byrd, the nephew of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who worked for the Department of Defense from 1957 to 1963 and was assigned to Project Blue Book, the secret military program that investigated UFO reports.

Even members of President Eisenhower’s family, including his great granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, insist the story is true.

This same story was told by the late Phil Schneider, a geologist and engineer who said he had level-1 security clearance in secret government projects. He helped build underground military bases and worked at the famed Area 51 base.

Schneider said he also met Thor and he had leave earth in the 50’s.

Of course this story is highly controversial and many believe it is just Strange’s imagination. But can we deny that many governments know about the existence of extraterrestrials? Maybe, even, had direct contact with them? Many are the tales about Kings and Leaders contacted by “gods” or “messengers” in the past. Maybe Valiant Thor was just another extraterrestrial guiding us.

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val-thor Valient Thor, Thor, Valiant
From left to right: a girl, Dr. Stranges and Valiant Thor.

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  1. Other stories claim Val had 6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on his feet. The photo’s show only 5. I don’t know why people that claim to believe this stuff always ignore the obvious.

    1. Great observation! I am former U.S. Secret Service and I worked in Wash.,D.C. in 1974 and I actually observed a black male driving an older model pickup truck into Wash.D.C. and I happen to notice he had 5 fingers and one thumb(6) which is an unusual anomaly. but it occurs.
      DNA tests have been done on humans and we also have RH factor connections to “Aliens” which are not common to the other Human species here.
      So many facts to cover, but the photos are not consistent with “other” photos of Valiant Thor.(Blonde haired male that looked like the actor Robert Shaw with white hair.

  2. “The Girl” is Jill, the man in the middle is Val Thor’s brother Donn and then Valiant Thor. Very Nordic looking people but I’m open to all possibilities. No surprises here, just the description of the last picture.

  3. I can’t see the real Valiant Thor that Phil Schneider has shown in his lecture. I wanted to email you guys with the pictures where Schneider was showing who that the real Valiant is but if I click on the icon for Mail there’s no recipient at all.
    The real Valiant Thor has militairy like short blond hair.
    Go to and you’ll see Schneider showing it and the picture is also available.
    Did you know the so called Dolores Ballior from Venus has a sort of bump going all over her forhead from the nose up ? Got that made more visible in photoshop with the black/white function. I can still you send the pictures if you send me an answer back to my email address.


    1. I bet that movie like the ” The Day The Earth Stood Still” and ” Star Trek” is absolutely inspired by real life interactions with an advanced race, Valiant had a divine plan that he had brought with him to end all poverty and disease. But our leaders like the world filled with these terrible negative things so they declined this offer from an advanced race. Maybe this is just a lower race response maybe the leaders at the time were too dumb to know their dumb

  4. I would like to think that someone out there cared whether we blow ourselves to oblivion. It just sounds very plausible to me that offered the means to do away with wars and save the people from illness and suffering, that someone in the White House would consider it might stop the ruling elite at the top of the pyramid from making their billions, if good health and harmony were the order of the world. No wonder anyone who tried to show it could be done would be cold shouldered in case the boat was rocked by change. Yes it sounds all too familiar, greed and look after those at the top so yes I could very easily believe it could happen!!

  5. I sang for many of Dr. Stranges’ church services. He was a great man, and very nice to me. To this day I do not know if there are people on other planets — but yes, I am a believer. I wanted to meet Valient Thor but it did not happen. A short film was made and in one scene I am in it with my back to the camera. We are looking into the sky in our acting, pretending therefore we see a UFO. Now 35 years have gone on by — Jesus is coming! I love the ministry of Jack Van Impe: see him on Daystar christian television. To this day I have sung the Gospel for my Lord: 52 years as of 11-01-17. I live by the Baptism in the Holy Spirit where lies His Anointing Power for me! I loved Dr. Stranges.

    1. Hello,The reason no one have met the man called Valiant Thor is because,in truth they have for he was/is Frank Ernest Stranges himself.I have photos proving that it has always been him plus I have first hand knowledge information that yes,indeed he was the man sitting at Howard Menger’s High Bridge home.All it took was team work to build the story.Frank was the author & the main character Valiant of his story,August Charles Roberts (Augie) was the photo editor (the man behind the magic of photo shopping for this story to conceal the identity of Frank.So we see two men as Valiant Thor,Jesse J.Womble & Frank Ernest Stranges. Yes, it is sad that people though portray to be good meaning folks seek attention by lying.All my research on this subject is now on YouTube.My Channel is Tavotheone.

  6. Are they saying Jesus will come on a starship and take us who believe in him away to another world? When does the next comet arrive? What pills do we have to take?
    Seriously, I believe we are not alone and whoever they are and where ever their from they care about us. But there may be some competition from some ‘bad’ aliens.

  7. I have always believed in aliens. I am so grateful that they believe in our Heavenly Father. It makes me feel so secure in knowing that there is a wonderful life after this one here on earth, we will all be blessed. Thank you for telling us about Valiant Thor.

  8. Look at the length of Jill’s elbow to the tip of her fingers. Very unearthly. Valiant Thor is a member of the Planetary Council along with Commander (Oara from Saturn), Commander (Nah-9 from Uranus) and Commander (Zo from Neptune). The (Greys) from Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli, two planets within our solar system, are a common presence here on Earth. They work along side with Military Personnel, Doctors, Scientists and Astronomers at U.S. Government facilities and providing with advanced technology.

  9. Can ANYBODY point me in the accurate direction or reputable link to verified and/or as close to the “truth” as possible with regards to Mr. Thor?! I do believe that it happened with a little skepticism naturally, but not sure who to believe when it comes to what is out there as far as the “proof” making it’s rounds on the web…i.e. some photos show a Brad Pitt looking dark haired dude, other photos gray hair, 5 fingers not 6, huge ear canals vs. normal ones, Dr. Strange being a preacher vs. top security official, this great granddaughter’s story (did she even know her grandfather’s famous Dad Dwight D.??), etc…everybody with interest in him knows the info being spread…is there ANYTHING that is considered a true account of these visits??

  10. So has anyone come forward to say they are the people who are actually pictured here. Have these people or aliens been photographed other times

  11. Why is this always ALLEGEDLY happening in the US?…

    All the World Wars are actually fought in Europe and the Middle East.

    Would it not make more sense for Valiant Thor to have visited with those leaders ?

    The US have caused more conflict all over the planet since his alleged visit.

  12. What is the meaning of the word Lucifer?
    The morning star.
    Day star.
    Where did Valient say he came from? “The Planet you call The Morning Star, Venus”
    Nuf said? Or you need more?

  13. As a firm believer that we’re not alone in the our Universe, I happen to 100% believe it! Eisenhower introduced Val to his family even is own granddaughter. All these years later, she says every word of it is true. Why would she lie; what could she possibly gain by not telling the truth? Alot of ppl around the world have to try and stop being so close minded on issues like this. They think that we’re alone and if some alien race would reveal themselves, it would completely destroy Christianity. I call bullshit on that!!! What? GOD created man, so he could not create other forms of life? Give me a f^n break!

  14. “This same story was told by the late Phil Schneider, a geologist and engineer who said he had level-1 security clearance in secret government projects.”

    Level 1 is the lowest level. It’s what they give to janitors and clerical workers (seriously). You are not working in secret government projects with only a level 1 clearance.

  15. I can’t even begin here, it is absolutely absurd! People believe that aliens come to Earth in spaceships but they won’t believe in Jesus Christ who was proven to have lived on this world, died like he said he would, shed his blood and rose again to save this world from it’s sins! People, Satan has you blinded and if you don’t wake up real soon you will find yourselves in tormenting fire and brimstone for eternity! Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior before it’s too late!

  16. Could it be possible that Val was actually David Bowie and inturn to let us know that he is still here he wrote STARMAN! Hey, its plausible. David Bowie was Androginous for most of the sixties and seventies. While we are on the topic can someone tell me the best way to find a metal salad strainer. My heads aching!

  17. 1967 Marion, Illinois UFO Incident
    I remember. Why did they let me remember? Why do they still visit me but not take me? Take me please. I hate Earth.


    There was a famous cover-up of a time stands still event in 1967 in Marion, Illinois. A perhaps 1 1/2 mile circle of the city was for lack of a better word “domed off” while a buffer zone was maintained on the perimeter that caused immediate temp paralysis if anyone tried to enter the event zone.

    It was June and I was just a month past my 7th birthday. I shouldn’t call it “famous” I guess… but that’s just how I rebel at having been told I “have problems” by eye rolling idiots when I bring this disturbing matter up.

    Only one person ever believed me, and that was only because of how his father would turn white when asked if it was true what Sonney (me) was saying about the huge UFO and time standing still incident in 1967. That man is still alive, and was about to talk about it in 2005, but then his son had a heart attack and died, and I was subsequently turned away by his wife in any further attempts to discuss the UFO with him.

    The line my mom got from that man’s wife was, “Leave it be… this is a didn’t happen thing just like Mac (my dad) and Charlie (the neighbor man) have always said.”
    My father (“Mac”) took it to his grave in 1996.

    I do believe that surely there are more men in that part of Marion that were allowed to remain in a hazy consciousness and witness the ordeal. But I haven’t heard about them.

    Was it a mistake in the apparent mass hypnosis that allowed some to observe the strange event? Or were some allowed to see and remember as a cruel power-play by the Aliens, such as, “You better believe we’re the Boss of you; spread it around.”

    I can say for certain that no low flying plane “fogged” the area that I remember. For me it was just the usual scene of perhaps 12 kids playing rolley-polley. And my dad and the neighbor man tending the trash burn barrels and chatting. My mom and the other man’s wife were hanging clothing out to dry.

    Then it happened.
    My dad and the other man seemed alarmed and were pointing out towards the Marion V. A. Hospital grounds.
    I was starting to go stiff as I turned, but caught the sight in my peripheral vision of the hugest thing I’d ever seen.
    It was a huge hovering craft taking up a big chunk of the sky over the hospital grounds, and hovering over I-57 also.

    I was tall for my age, and maybe I was allowed to stay in a dazed consciousness because I was mistaken for a man. But my dad and the neighbor remained frozen at the burn barrels with terror on their faces. And the other kids and myself and our pregnant mothers were beckoned to the the V. A. Hospital grounds.

    I guess we’re talking about approx 4 ft. 8 in. on the height of those Aliens. They emerged from the yards on 4th street that bordered the V. A. Hospital grounds. And a pack of them sort of briskly walked east on West Cherry St.
    Mostly people were just walking slowly out to the V. A. Hospital grounds, but some were having to be assisted, sort of nudged by the Aliens.

    I was in a walking group. But I think smaller craft were transporting people that lived farther eastward inside the apparent domed area of the incident.

    I barely got glimpses of the Aliens walking on the ground out there. It seemed like my vision was tunneled and straight ahead, and they knew how to not let me get an extended look. I can’t say if the big head on the so called “Grays” is a helmet or not, such was the fleeting looks I got.

    But I can say that north and southbound traffic on I-57 was stopped, standstill. And I could hear honking car and trucker horns up on the interstate maybe 1 1/2 miles south of the V. A. Hospital.

    I was fearful when my mom was taken and I could do nothing. But she reappeared quickly, although I was powerless to cower behind her apron like I wanted to.

    Then a bunch of kids and I were herded under a smaller craft with two glowing misty tubes going from the ground up to under it.
    We went up one tube and down another two at a time. When we went up we were each assisted in standing behind a screen and it gave a living color image inside the body– I could see the kid’s image that was across from me. That’s the part I never talked about for years because it seemed too crazy. But then years later I seen something like it in the movie Terminator, and of course they do it at airports now. But this was like a living color, moving MRI I guess you could call it.

    Only thing else I can really say is that it was quiet. I wish I could say there was a low humming sound, but there wasn’t for me.
    And the Aliens seemed to work in really short shifts as they ushered people around to different hovering smaller craft.
    Smaller craft from the big ship kept coming and going. 7 or so “Grays” would emerge and others would board and go back. It’s like they tired easily and would sometimes fall to the ground. I don’t know if some of them fell dead or not, but they’d be levitated into a smaller craft quickly and whisked away.

    I’ve got to believe that the Marion incident is the grandaddy of all “Contact” events. With people being herded to the V. A. Hospital Grounds and getting shots, blood drawn, and some being levitated into a craft and past a scanner device and then eased to the ground.
    The huge “Mother-ship” I guess you’d call it can only be described as like the Louisiana Super-dome with five more surrounding its perimeter.

    I don’t think I was meant to remember this, but I do. When it ended everybody was back in their original places and sort of just awoke. But my father and the neighbor man that had been pointing at the huge UFO just before us playing boys in the yard all froze in time, they remembered. They knew 2 1/2 hours had disappeared and went to the police station to report it, and the UFO.

    But dad and the neighbor man didn’t come home until 11 days after they left for the police station. And when they came home they never talked about the UFO and the day time stood still. Except for them and me being unwilling conscious documentation witnesses, I guess most everyone else was really froze in time. And I’m an outcast now because of asking people to really concentrate hard about that day in 1967 and try to remember.

    I would get beaten if I asked my dad about it.

    I can say that because of this incident my father was eventually forced into a mental hospital. And for some reason myself and certain other kids were assigned to “Special Classes” and monitored and documented and tested totally beyond reason.

    And on the day two years later that I was asked to write about something that scared me, I scribbled down an abbreviated version of this. The “Special Class” teacher took one look at it, made a call, and I was soon straitjacketed, hooded, drugged, and taken to some location and I guess shock treatment took place while I was head-phoned and being tortured by intermittent verbal chastising and loud noises on the headphones.
    I was out of school for 3 weeks. They told my parents I’d fell off the monkey-bars on the playground. And my dad beat me when I told him and mom what REALLY happened.

    Why did they let me remember?
    Please take me away from this stupid hell Earth little UFO Aliens. Please.
    I am Holy and special because I am the offspring of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ’s child.
    My rare combination of Scottish highlander Christ blood and LaKota Indian blood makes me of interest to UFO beings.

  18. I believe that only ignorance would lead a person to believe that in all the vastness of the galaxies, the our Almighty Creator, would have created onlt a single life form.
    In fact, in 2014 NASA reported microbial life covering the outside window onboard the International Space Station, which they clean every 3-5 weeks.
    So if life showed up there, what would stop it from intergalactic travel as well. Hence, proof there is in fact other life forms other than in planet earth.

  19. The story of Val Thor could be
    factual stuff! At the vary least
    my makes for a great story!
    Yes pictures can be faked by
    anyone who has knowledge to
    do so. For profit or any reason!
    The Story as told by Frank Strange
    Sounds true! I doubt that picture
    is him! As I seen other pictures
    of Frank Strange. And there are
    more then one. Besides he was
    a Pastor and Christian! Could
    he lie? For what! Scenes he talked
    about UFOs before he met Val
    Thor! There live out in this vast
    Universe! Weather you or anyone
    else believe it or not! I personally
    believe the story true! But some
    of the story and pictures could
    have been altered by Frank and
    Friends for a ton of reasons
    One being National Security
    reasons. Perhaps the Black
    Secret Government threatened
    him and those with like story’s
    with jail ? Or something worse?
    I don’t know! People don’t want
    to believe in cover ups and so
    on but it true! There a lot going
    on behind the scene that no one
    no about! If your a former member
    of the Arm forces you better keep
    your mouth shut! When it comes
    to possibly National Security
    matters! So Doctor Frank Strange
    is not here to defend him self.
    Only his wife and Children and
    some friends! Who are they?
    I read his story many years ago!
    It was a fun story to read and
    believe in. I can’t say how true
    the story really is only that at
    least portions of the story as
    well as some of the pictures
    you seen by Doctor Strange
    and Phil Snyder could in fact
    be real! Don’t be so quick too
    Judge these guys now there dead
    and gone! Something is going
    on here? It’s not all what it seems
    to be . Giant cover up by are
    Government? A Giant lie too
    throw good honest people off
    so they don’t believe in UFOs
    and the pharanormal! Big joke?
    The truth of all it lay some were
    in reality ! Someone knows more
    then they could or should or
    can not tell! And the Inter- Net
    can fabricate a lot of stuff! By
    unknown Arthurs who can’t be
    traced back too there scourse!
    So to any and all people who
    read this cool story please have
    and open mind about the unknown!
    This story alone makes you think
    about such things!


  20. Why its always in Fucking United state of America .. ? Aliens Favourite destination for Honeymoon i guess .. Asholes . Alien come and only in usa shit .. ha ha ha lol .. stop this shit …

  21. I believe Valiant Thor existed and was sent by Jesus Christ and The Galactic Federation. Before The Planet Earth can explore Space with Warp Speed Travel their must first be Global Peace on Earth without Nuclear Weapons. The world should looking at developing Warp Speed.

  22. It is difficult to believe that he is an alien … but you will really have trouble with what I am going to say.
    He isn’t who he says he is. He has been around for all of Earth’s history, and is even the Thor .. the Viking god. He is associated with Venus as he says, because he is the morning star. Always trying to mess up things here on Earth. But a liar, because his name is really Lucifer, the same that was cast out … and still actively involved in going against the grain of the purpose of life here on Earth.
    Imagine if everyone on Earth recognized him for who he was … what a dent that would put in his powers over us! So … pass it on!

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