1663 the Mass Sighting of Robozero, Russia

Just after 12:00 PM on August 15, 1663, the majority of the inhabitants of Robozero, Russia, were at the village’s church. They heard the sound of a “great crash from out of the heavens,” causing them to flock outside to see what had happened.

The Robozero sighting is the most famous UFO case in the history of ancient Russia. Yuri Roszius and other Russian researchers of paranormal phenomena have studied it extensively. The event occurred “in the year 171” (that is, the year 7171 from “the creation of the world”) which corresponds to the year 1663.

The details of this amazing and enigmatic event have been preserved because of the efforts of the Archeological Commission. It published a collection of its historical acts in 1842, among which was an authentic 17th century document signed by Ivan (Ivashko) Rzhevsky, a “laborer,” in which he bore witness to a remarkable event.

According to Rzhevsky’s testimony, from the north, out of a clear sky, appeared a huge flaming sphere not less than 130 feet in diameter. From its fore-part emitted two “flame” beams, about “20 sazhens ahead of it” (a sazhen is about seven feet). From its sides poured bluish smoke. This huge ball of fire, its height like that of a modern 15-story building, hovered over the lake. The phenomenon was observed by a multitude of people who had gathered for mass at the parish church, situated on the lake shore. Then, it disappear out of sight.

An hour later, the object reappeared over the lake and moved within 500 meters (1,600 ft) of the villagers before vanishing once more. When it appeared a third time, it filled “all who saw it with great dread,” as this time, it stayed above the village for an hour and a half.

Fishermen on the lake were burned by the “fire” that the object omitted as it passed over them, and the whole lake was lit up as if it was rust. They saw “fish fleeing from the flame toward the shore.”

To this day no known scientific theory has explained the phenomenon.

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