Disclosure: Spain declassifies 80 UFO Reports

The Spanish Ministry of Defense has declassified 80 UFO Reports (1900 pages) of alleged UFO sightings that took place between 1962 and 1995.

In the 80 UFO reports the most impressive is from 1980. The encounter occurred when former President Adolfo Suarez, was on board an aircraft of the Spanish Air Force. The pilots and passengers onboard witnessed strange lights that couldn’t be explained.

The report reads: “During night hours on February 25, 1980, onboard the 401st Squadron aircraft on a flight from Germany to Spain, Madrid with President Suarez, strange lights were observed by the pilots and passengers“.

Among the reports are four sightings that occurred in Galicia between 1966 and 1993. The first one was dated in Ferrol in 1966, another one between Becerreá and Lugo in 1969 and two more in Noia in 1989 and 1993.

In Ferrol, on April 2 1966 a prison guard and two sailors saw “in the sky a bulky object with opaque light that changes shape approximately every five minutes.” There is also the testimony of a sailor from Narón who observed the same object placed above the radio station, at 11pm, 30 minutes after the previous sightings.

In Galicia a strange phenomenon was seen between Becerreá and Lugo “at kilometre 476 of the Madrid-Ferrol road” by a driver at 8pm on April 2 1969. The man who made the sighting sent a letter that same month to Madrid to the colonel of the Air Force.

He claims he saw a “round object with a diameter of two meters more or less with an end shaped as a shell and the other one flat, which “was entirely illuminated by a fantastic light”. He wrote: “It seemed that its exterior was made of little pieces, like mosaic tiles in multiple colours.”

The last of the Galicia dossiers, a case in Noia on November 23 1993 has 125 pages, significantly larger than the others.

In this case the head of the Air Control Squadron in Noia said there was a “visual trace formed by a green core and a trail of yellowish-white” visible in the area by him.

The strange phenomena lasted between three and four seconds, according to the squadron leader and four other witnesses who claimed it travelled at a “great speed” towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The Intelligence Department of the Chief of Staff concludes that “it could be a meteorite” but called it an “inexplicable event.”

Unfortunately these reports are only available in Spanish but we will search for the complete translation. You can see them here.

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