A mysterious structure occupies up to 47% of every chromosome

A new research has found that there’s more to chromosomes than just DNA – scientists have found that a mysterious ‘sheath-like’ structure accounts for up to 47 percent of every chromosome.

Since their discovery in 1882, chromosomes have been the subject of intense study, but the details of their internal structure have eluded us, in no small part because chromosomes are completely invisible in the cell’s nucleus – unless the cell is dividing.

To improve our ability to view the internal structures of chromosomes, researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland developed a new method called 3D-CLEM, which combines light and electron microscopy with computational modelling software to produce the first high-resolution three-dimensional images of all 46 human chromosomes.

After modelling the length, width, surface area, volume, and DNA packing density of all normal human chromosomes, they found something that could have big consequences for our basic understanding of a chromosome’s internal structure.

“Defining the structure of all 46 human chromosomes for the first time has forced us to reconsider the idea that they are composed almost exclusively of chromatin – an assumption that has gone largely unchallenged for almost 100 years,” says one of the team, biologist Daniel Booth.

The implications of this discover are endless and many ancient astronaut theorists believe that its just one more proof that we were engineered by an intelligent alien species in a distant past.

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