United Nations Interested in UFOs, reveals Wikileaks

According to Wikileaks an international UFO committee almost became reality. Numerous documents from 1978 reveal strong interest in UFOs at the United Nations.

WikiLeaks posted more than half a million U.S. State Department diplomatic documents from 1978 detailing America’s interactions with countries all around the world ― including Grenada Prime Minister Eric Gairy’s efforts to organize a United Nations-based committee to research and investigate global UFO reports.

Many of the documents, written by American UN officials, indicated how closely they were monitoring Grenada’s UFO-related activities.

It was further suggested that Grenada’s views on UFOs could be discussed in 1979. Unfortunately, that didn’t come to pass, as Grenada Prime Minister Gairy was overthrown in a 1979 coup.

Needless to say, without the Gairy-based initiative on UFOs, it was quietly relegated to Grenada’s back burner.

This is the tip of the UFO-UN iceberg. It shows how the subject of UFOs wasn’t merely officially ridiculed or slapped aside. There was, and perhaps still is, some interest there, just waiting to emerge.

One Comment on “United Nations Interested in UFOs, reveals Wikileaks”

  1. Yet through all those emails AND ALL OTHER LEGITIMATE SOURCES of information on the UFO phenomenon, there is Not One Shred of evidence that they are extraterrestrial in origin. I researched this matter myself for many years. I witnessed and filmed many unusual things, MOST which eventually lead back to something natural or known, but there was that few….
    These emails are generally from the mid to late 70s and were actually released over a year and half ago. Since the 70s the Internet happened and it was flooded with massive faked and altered videos and photos from Idiots that did nothing but cause confusion that led to most researchers abandoning their projects in UFO research. No one that Matters takes the subject seriously any longer.
    Oh yeah, there are those that live in a Fantasy World and believe that they have aliens living in their basements or attics or are taken on joyrides in their Intergalactic Vehicles. LMAO
    It now seems that the UFO Phenomena has turned into a means for some to express their psychosis and/or Insanity. Some have built their whole upside down lives around it.
    Any truth in the UFO phenomenon is now deeply hidden in lies and Insanity.

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