Unidentified Flying Spheres

Since World War II, strange Unidentified Flying Spheres have been reported and filmed making impossible maneuvers. They have been seen by military pilots, airline pilots, NASA space shuttle pilots, and even International Space Station personnel. Is their origin extraterrestrial?

Here are two of the most well-known examples:

1950s, South Australia

A radio technician employed at the Weapons Research Establishment, Salisbury, South Australia told UFO Researcher Timothy Good:

“It was a sphere about 2 feet 9 inches in diameter. Its color was a mid-gray metallic, somewhat darkened by extreme heat…We tried to cut it, and could not even mark it with hand tools – saws, drills, hammers, chisels – nothing.”

According to Good’s informant, the American military claimed the sphere, stating that it originated with their space program. The result: it was sent to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio for inspection. And since then, it disappear.

60’s and 70’s, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Joint Intelligence Bureau – a part of the Ministry of Defense – has declassified a number of files showing that more than a few such spheres were found on New Zealand soil between 1963 and 1972. Each and every one was handed over to the American military, after they stated they originated – again – with the U.S. space program. They were all around two-feet in diameter and, as well as in New Zealand, others were found in various parts of Australia.


Despite all efforts, Flying Spheres still remain a mystery to UFO researchers. The fowling video presents everything we now know about this amazing mystery along with a stunning selection of authentic video footage of the Flying Spheres:

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