8 old UFO sightings in Canada

Here are 8 examples of “old” UFO sightings in Canada.

1967, Falcon Lake, Manitoba incident

Stephen Michalak of Winnipeg, was prospecting near Falcon Lake, Manitoba, when he encountered two UFOs, one of which landed on a large, flat rock about 160 feet away from him. After having approached the object and looked inside, the object moved, and something like an exhaust vent was now in front of him. A blast of hot gas shot from these holes onto his chest, setting his shirt and undershirt on fire and causing him severe pain, and leaving burn marks in the shape of a grid.

Stephen Michalak with grid-like burns caused by the blast of hot gas from the UFO.

1967, Shag Harbour incident, Nova Scotia

The Shag Harbour UFO incident was the reported impact of an unknown large object into waters near Shag Harbour, a tiny fishing village in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on October 4, 1967. The reports were investigated by various civilian (Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Coast Guard) and military (Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force) agencies of the Government of Canada and the U.S. Condon Committee.

You can read all about it here.

1969, Prince George, B.C. UFO

In Prince George, British Columbia, three unrelated witnesses reported a strange, round object in the late afternoon sky on January 1, 1969. The sphere radiated a yellow-orange light and appeared to ascend from 2,000 to 10,000 feet.

1975-1976, Southern Manitoba

Several sightings were reported of a red glowing UFO, sometimes described as “mischievous” or “playful”, sighted in Southern Manitoba in 1975 and 1976.

1978, Clarenville, Newfoundland and Labrador

In October 1978 Constable Jim Blackwood of the RCMP witnessed a sighting of a flying saucer hovering over the harbour near the town of Clarenville and Random Island. This was reported to him by local citizens. When he arrived at the scene the UFO was still present and quite visible. He had a special high powered viewing scope which happened to be on loan at the time for other surveillance. The craft stayed in the area for approximately an hour and a half. When he switched on the roof lights of his police cruiser the craft appeared to mimic the flashing lights. This made headline news at the time and was broadcast on CBC television and NTV broadcasting in Newfoundland. The craft took off like a shooting star high in the sky and disappeared. Two years after the incident the BBC did a documentary on UFO sightings and included the Clarenville sighting in their broadcast. In later years Cst Blackwood retired to his native home in Stellarton, NS.

1986, Munros Point, Nova Scotia Sighting

In the early evening of January 20, 1986 a couple travelling by car on a rural road in Cape Breton, NS witnessed a bright light appear and hover directly over their car. Almost immediately their vehicle lost power. After watching the blinding light for less than a minute, they watched it quickly accelerate away from them, lighting up the ground below the object as it departed.

1989, Marieville, Quebe

On November 20 at 5.30 p.m., in Sainte-Marie-de-Monnair (a rural neighbourhood of Marieville) several people heard a noise similar to an electric generator and saw some strange lights in the sky. Two days after the phenomenon a perfect round circle was found outside the residence of Mr Jean Prigent, one of the witnesses of the sighting.

1990, Montreal aerial phenomenon

On November 7, 1990, in Montreal, Quebec, witnesses reported a round, metallic object of about 540 metres wide over the rooftop pool of the Bonaventure Hotel. Eyewitnesses saw 8 to 10 lights forming into a circle above them, emitting bright white rays. The phenomenon lasted three hours, from 7 to 10 p.m., and moved slowly northwards. While none could identify the lights, a few witnesses, according to the next day’s report in La Presse, were ready to express their belief that they were visited by aliens.

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