Advanced alien civilizations possible in 50 galaxies

Just as Planet Earth sends heat and light deep out into space, researchers say a similar signature would be emitted by other advanced alien civilizations. And after scouring 100,000 galaxies they have come across 50 which hold promise.

A team of scientists at Penn State University in the US, has been studying observations from Nasa’s WISE orbiting observatory looking for traces of the huge energy produced by technologies from sophisticated extra-terrestrial races.

“We found about 50 galaxies that have unusually high levels of mid-infrared radiation,” said Roger Griffith, a researcher at Penn State and the lead author of the paper.

“Our follow-up studies of those galaxies may reveal if the origin of their radiation results from natural astronomical processes, or if it could indicate the presence of a highly advanced civilization.”

Theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson originally proposed in the 1960s that advanced alien civilizations beyond Earth could be detected by the tell tale evidence of their mid-infrared emissions. It was not until space-based telescopes like the WISE satellite that it became possible to make sensitive measurements of this radiation emitted by objects in space.

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