ESA wants to build a Temple on the Moon

The European Space Agency has plans to build a temple on the moon. It’s purpose? “A fresh start, a place where there are no social conventions, no nations and no religion”.

Jorge Mañes Rubio is a member of the Advanced Concepts Team (ACT) think tank that researches emerging and future science technology for the ESA. That means contemplating questions about future space travelers, like:

“What kind of social interactions will they share, what cultural activities and rituals will they have, and what sort of art and artifacts will they be producing?”

And he adds:

“Lunar settlement represents a perfect chance for a fresh start, a place where there are no social conventions, no nations and no religion, somewhere where these concepts will need to be rethought from scratch.”

Rubio calls his lunar spiritual center a “temple” but he’s not limiting it to just religions that refer to their places of worship as “temples.”

“So this Temple is intended as a mythic and universal structure that can hopefully bring people together in this new environment in novel ways.”

Where is this new temple’s environment? The ESA is looking at the Shackleton Crater at the Moon’s south pole because its rim is in nearly continuous sunlight while the inside is always in shadows, giving it the perfect combination of warmth for living and cold for ice which will provide water and fuel.

Rubio envisions the Moon Temple on the crater’s rim under a 50-meter-high dome. The dome will have openings facing towards Earth and away from it and the temple will be illuminated by sunlight. A telescope will be on the floor for those who need help staring off into space.

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