Puma Punku: the Wall of Humanity

The “Wall of Humanity” at the ancient site of Puma Punku at Tiahuanaco. A face representing the features of each race on Earth is found carved here as well as some “alien” faces with features not known to any race on Earth.

In the 1960s, the Bolivian government excavated and unearthed the Subterranean Temple at Tiahuanaco. Within the walls of the square sunken courtyard are hundreds of stone heads with a diverse range of features.

Theories maintain these may have been alien leaders representing the many lands or political regions of Earth and/or other planets. Puma Punku may have been a type of united nations gathering place for these alien leaders. The site may have supported large flying crafts as a sort of airport that ancient aliens frequented.

The graphic below illustrate how accurately the various heads on the Wall of Humanity resemble the many depictions of ancient aliens that date back as far as 3000 B.C. (or older).

They don’t seem to represent the local people. They seem to represent every type and shape of human head existing on the planet. Two of them, which are very intriguing, are white in color, and they look very much like grey alien heads.


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