Egypt: Evidence Of Ancient Machining Technology

The above photo is a close up of another obvious saw cut in basalt on the Giza Plateau, proving that some kind of Ancient Machining Technology was used in ancient times.

There are many theories about the kind of stonework ancient Egyptians did and how they accomplished so much. But lets simply look at these:

The astonishing mortar free joints of the casing stones on the Great Pyramid could possibly have been achieved with hardened bronze chisels… but the sheer number of stones that would have originally cased the Great Pyramid put this idea in doubt.

Some estimates are that if this pyramid was created in 20 years, each of the 2,300,000 blocks would have to have been quarried, moved and set into place every 2 minutes. And that’s really hard to image!

This fascinating topic has been the life and work of Brien Foerster, a worldwide known author by it’s fascinating discoveries in Egypt. Check this fantastic video made by Brien himself. Don’t forget to subscribe his youtube channel or buy his book here!

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