FOXP2: Did Ancient Aliens leave something behind in our DNA?

Many believe that FOXP2 gene alone is responsible for language. The problem? There is absolutely no evidence of origin from the animal kingdom towards us.

Scientists have suggested that that gene alone is responsible for language. In humans, mutations of FOXP2 cause a severe speech and language disorder. Versions of FOXP2 exist in similar forms in distantly related vertebrates; functional studies of the gene in mice and in songbirds.

Ceptics argue that FOXP2 is popularly dubbed the “language gene”, but this is only partly correct since there are other genes involved in language development. Either way, one can not ignore the fact that this gene exists out of nowhere without any origin.

Is it possible that this gene was given to us, or grafted into us, by extraterrestrials in the remote past? Did they wanted humans to be able to communicate at a more sophisticated level? Might the evidence of our alien origins really have been passed down to us implanted in our genetic code?


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