History repeating itself? Scientists rewrote the DNA of an entire species

Biologists designed a new type of yeast DNA from scratch. Now, they want to bring it to life. Maybe like Ancient Astronauts did to our human ancestors?

In just a few years, scientists will unveil a creature whose every letter of DNA was written by a human being. It will be a yeast cell with a fully designer genome, and biological capabilities seen nowhere else in nature.

It means we may be able to create whole new species of microorganisms for “industrial or scientific purposes”.

The scientists behind the project say that “no, this isn’t playing God”. In their view, rewriting the yeast genome is more like domestication. “No one created a dog; they adapted a wolf”.

But we all know that it is only a question of time until this techniques will be taken further.

This is very relevant to the Ancient Astronaut theory because, as we can see in the Cargo Cults, history tends to repeat itself. Could this mean that all civilizations will tend to space exploration and genetic engineering? Maybe this is why we have all the stories telling us how “gods” created Man…

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