2016: 1,131 UFO reports filed in Canada

The Canadian UFO Survey has revealed more than 1,000 sightings for the fifth year in a row. Just last year 1,131 UFO reports were filed. But did you know that UFO sightings are not a modern phenomena in Canada?
The reports, which were submitted from all across the country, ranged from the intriguing to the downright bizarre and numbered more than 1,000 for the fifth year in a row. Back in February, four white triangular objects were observed over East Bay, Nova Scotia while a bright beam of light was sighted descending from the sky over Bear River in March.

Canning saw a series of orange lights dancing erratically across the sky in April while a “large ball of pulsating light” appeared near New Waterford at the beginning of August. Other objects reported across Nova Scotia included “three orange fireballs” at Port Greville, a “large white light” over Halifax and a “reflective triangular object” which hovered over Upper Tantallon.

But there are reports that date back to the 60’s, as you can read in our 8 old UFO Sightings in Canada.
This is even more relevant since many think UFO sightings are a US-Thing. But in fact, they are a worldwide and old phenomena with thousands and thousands of witnesses that society keep ignoring.

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