Russia is Recruiting Cosmonauts for a Secret Moon Mission

A new Cold War seems inevitable and the Space Race may get ugly again. But this secret Moon mission is only the beginning as the Russians want to set up a permanent base on the Dark Side of the Moon.

Roscosmos (Russia’s government-run space agency) and the ESA (European Space Agency) having set up a plan to build a permanent base on the dark side of the Moon. Now the Russians are looking to set up a team of cosmonauts for a future lunar mission.

Over the following four months, a rigorous selection process will take place and Russian citizens who meet the demands will get to set foot on Earth’s natural satellite. This will mark the first (official) time the people of the former USSR will land a manned vehicle on the lunar surface.

Naturally, the requirements for acceptance will be harsh; the “usual” and “be proficient in email, social media and anti-virus protection”. Safety first? 🙂

Another player that set its eyes on the old moon is China. The world’s second largest economy is already working on a spacecraft that will be able to plant six astronauts on the dusty lunar expanse.

The Russian space agency estimates the landing will take place sometime around the year 2030 so the race is on and will be tight.


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