The mysterious Tomb of Osiris

The shaft was first unearthed in 1934 but still many misteries remain about the Tomb of Osiris as no body or bones were found.

While most scholars believe Osiris to be a mythical being, and his tomb merely symbolic, ancient astronaut theorists suggest that not only was Osiris real, but this nine-foot sarcophagus offers evidence of extraterrestrial intervention in the remote past.

According to Egyptian myths, Osiris used to be able to take the human form, and one theory claims that it was his form that was found in the sarcophagus. This theory is also supported by the fact that the sarcophagus was surrounded by the drawings of demons who are supposed to protect the dead body.

The body of the sarcophagus that is under the water, is at least three times the size of the lid. And to the four corners of the islands, there were four pillars that are now nearly completely destroyed. The four had hieroglyphic inscriptions on them. Some of which read “God Osiris, the god of the underground”.

The word “sarcophagus” means “flesh eater”

The idea of a sarcophagus that has no actual mummy or body in it suggests the possibility of teleportation and the possibility of the transmutation of the physical body, as the ancient Egyptians told us. A “travel to the stars”. A “travel back home”.

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