New activity in the “Alien Megastructure” star

Know as the Tabby’s Star or the “alien Megastructure”, the KIC 8462852 keeps intriguing astronomers. And now, it’s dimming again!

As reported by Popular Science, Fairborn Observatory in Arizona confirmed that the star’s light output has recently dimmed by approximately 3 percent. As with previous dimming events, this can’t be easily explained by any ordinary stellar behavior.

Past explanations for the star’s fits and starts include a swarm of cometary fragments, a recently-annihilated planet and… well… an alien megastructure.

Astronomer Jason Wright is one of them, and has suggested that one possible explanation was the presence of a gigantic extraterrestrial structure in space.

The star’s dimming seemed to occur at 0.34% per year to begin with, yet inexplicably fell to 2.5% for 200 days before returning to its original dimming rate. Now in response to yet another period of unexplained dimming that started on Monday, a call has been put out to astronomers around the world to turn their telescopes back towards the star.

Let’s hope they find something more. We will keep you updated.


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