Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s Alien Listening Project just picked up 11 Unusual Signals

Yuri Milner’s project is the most comprehensive search for alien communications in recorded history. So far, it has identified 11 signals that are unusual enough.

2015. A consortium of the world’s leading scientists, including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and SETI founder Frank Drake, gather at London’s Royal Society as Russian billionaire and technology tycoon Yuri Milner announces his ambitious initiative: Breakthrough Listen.

The project is a ten-year, $100 million search for intelligent extraterrestrial life that is widely regarded as the most comprehensive search for alien communications in recorded history. The endowment will fund thousands of hours yearly on radio telescopes in North America and Australia, as well as data processing to look for radio signals in distant solar systems. This Breakthrough Listen Project is revolutionary because not only are they going to survey a very long list of stars, they’re going to survey ten times more area overall compared to previous surveys.

About the 11 anomalous signals already recorded, astronomers in the Breakthrough Listen project are cautioned:

Although the search has not yet detected a convincing signal from extraterrestrial intelligence, these are early days. The work that has been completed so far provides a launch pad for deeper and more comprehensive analysis to come.

Breakthrough Listen marks the first time that mainstream scientists have launched a major project with the explicit purpose of finding intelligent extraterrestrial life. Check their Twitter account for more.

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