3000 year old mysterious “sun altar” discovered in China

The Bronze Age was first discovered in 1993, but excavations did not begin until late last year. The excavations have now revealed that the structure has striking similarities to the kind of temples previously only seen much farther west on the Eurasian plains.

Sun temples were built by the nomadic tribes that once roamed the vast Eurasian steppe, however, no such temple has previously been discovered this far east.

The altar, located in China’s northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is built up from circular layers of cobbles and mud and has three different stone layers. The outermost ring is over 100 meters in diameter. Despite being more than 3,000 years old, the main structure is reportedly still intact and remarkably well preserved.

Archaeologists believe those who built the temple would have had to pull stones across great distances to construct the monumentAs usual, they don’t know how could be done. If only someone had any kind of different theory… 🙂

Oh! And there’s another problem… locals DID NOT worship the sun like the Egyptians did. So no other “sun temples” like these were ever found in China.

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