Does Thor’s “magical” weapons prove he was an Ancient Astronaut?

Viewed by Vikings as a living being, myths tell us that Thor was able to summon storms and destroy mountains with his “magical” hammer. And all information about him point to one direction: he was not from this earth.

In Norse Mythology Thor is the son of Odin. And if Odin was the chief god, Thor was the god for all of us. His main “job” was to fight Giants (yes, another myth about giants).  Not only to protect the gods, but as an offshoot, he protects us humans, as well. Even more interesting, according to Norse mythology, Thor derived his power from several seemingly magical tools.

HIS TOOLS: Magic or Technology?

Besides Thor was usually seen flying through the skies in a great chariot pulled by “goats”, he derived his power from several seemingly “magical” tools.

Menginjoro: It was a belt that is said to have magically doubled Thor’s already impressive strength. Thor’s belt of strength seems to have a very similar description to modern technology where we would call it a bionic exoskeleton. The ability for a soldier to put on a device that would increase their speed and their strength is possible today.

Mjolnir: Thor’s mighty hammer.  He could throw it and it would hit anything that he intended it to hit, and then it would come back to him, almost in boomerang style. The hammer does not cause explosions; it is really the physical force which destroys the object. And when he uses it, it is actually said that this weapon is able to crush mountains. And yes, scientists are investigating the enormous power of kinetic energy as you can see in this experiment by the NASA Ames Research Center:

The question we have to ask ourselves is whether the whole concept of kinetic energy weapons is something new or if it already existed in the ancient past. And with Thor, we have such a reference.

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