Gold of the Gods: Crespi mysterious metallic plates

In ‘Gold of the Gods’ (1974) Erich von Däniken tell us the story of Father Crespi and some strange and mysterious metallic plates that many believe, were not of this world.

The Cave of the Tayos (Ecuador) is a mysterious place, with large megalithic blocks of stone—which are cut and polished with laser-like precision—that make up some of the rooms of the cave. According to Erich, the Shuar Indians gave some of the objects inside this cave the the Italian priest Carlos Crespi Croci, who had explored the area in the 1940s.

There are several photos of metallic plates engraved with ideographic that many consider impossible to be hand-made. Since his death in 1982, nothing is known of the plates and many other objects in the collection of the Private Museum of Carlos Crespi Croci in Cuenca (Ecuador). Of these objects, only a few photographs and videos remain, since most of them were sold and others stolen after a fire in 1962.

Author Juan Moricz is said to have found signs of an extremely developed ancient civilization inside the Cave. According to Moricz, the Metallic Library of the Cave of the Tayos records an ancient history that took place on Earth which goes back in time to 250,000 years.

In 1972, Moricz met with Erich von Däniken that, once again, started a global craze. As a result of the claims published in von Däniken’s book, an investigation of the cave was organized by Stan Hall in 1976. One of the largest and most expensive cave explorations ever undertaken, the expedition included over a hundred people, including former astronaut Neil Armstrong.

As you can imagine, they’ve found nothing and until this day, the only trace of the metallic plates, are photographs.

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