Wanna join Giorgio Tsoukalos‏ and David Childress in a lecture cruise?

Giorgio Tsoukalos‏ and David Childress are the two main guests in the lecture cruise that will explore the Dalmatian Coast from Sept 3 to 10.

Along with the two famous Ancient Aliens guests, the author Hugh Newman will also speak in this exciting event. Exciting and very, very exclusive. Only 30 tickets are available so if you want your act fast! The tickets are 3450$ and can be bought here.

The organization (Heaven to Earth) guarantees that will be plenty of time to talk one-on-one with the authors! How cool is that? Here is Giorgio inviting you all:

2018 will also have some more cruise like Robert M. Schoch (see all info here https://www.heaventoearth.com/cruises/robert-schoch-july-2018/ )

One Comment on “Wanna join Giorgio Tsoukalos‏ and David Childress in a lecture cruise?”

  1. Absolutely fascinated!
    What ship is running the cruise, please? Do we fly in and out of…where exactly, so questions along those lines. Hope I can go! Thanks!

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