A closer look to the 11 Churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Lalibela, Ethiopia. Hidden from view within this mountainous African landscape lie 11 churches carved entirely from a single block of stone.

The age of these buildings is unknown, many believe they date from the beginning of the 13th century AD. under the orders of King Lalibela. He was emperor of Ethiopia during the late 12th and early 13th Centuries, who is said to have visited Jerusalem in 1187BC just before the Holy City fell to Muslim forces.

According to the story, the life of King Lalibela, which is written down in the 15th century, the angel Gabriel came to King Lalibela and took him off to the heavenly Jerusalem, where he had a conversation with God, and God said that he wanted him to go back and build these churches.

The thousands of worshipers who attend daily services inside the churches accept the same explanation: King Lalibela was assisted by an army of angels, who completed the 11 churches in one night.

So there were actually two shifts of workers at the rocks of Lalibela. One, human beings working during the day, and the other, extraterrestrial beings working at night, doing the night shift.

This can be hard to read by a “non-believer” but take in consideration that the massive amount of stone and earth that would have had to be removed from around the churches and from their hollowed out interiors, was nowhere to be found.

Also, the museum display of construction tools includes only a fragile adze, an axe-shaped tool that King Lalibela’s workers supposedly used to sculpt the churches from the ground and… nothing more. Even allowing for 900 years of wear, it looked better suited to hooking weeds out of soil than carving rock.

Inside sealing. Remember: “carved from stone” and not the other away around:

And if the legends are true? We know that those weren’t real angels… so, maybe… Aliens? Places like the Longyou Caves can give us more clues!

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